How to Prepare for SAT

SAT results will play a significant role in enabling you to enroll in your dream college. That is why millions of students who are about to graduate from high school are usually nervous when the SATs are around. We all know the key to passing any test is preparing adequately, but where do you start?
Do not worry because your teachers or peers said the SAT would shape your future. As long as you begin to prepare for the test as early as possible, there is nothing to worry about. You can even consider taking SAT Prep courses where an experienced professional can guide you on passing the test.

Here are some of the best tips to help you prepare for your SAT:

Register for the SAT Early

You have to register early so that you have enough time to make, know your goals, and come up with a study plan. You can register for SATs online on the College Board website or via email. It is crucial to choose a test center nearest to where you reside, as you will be required to be there early during the test day. It is also vital for you to select a test date that will give you enough time to study and prepare. We recommend that your test date be at least three months after registration.

Set the Target You Need to Achieve

goalHaving a goal in place makes it easier for you to work towards achieving it. You need to set a realist target one that is achievable. Your first SAT practice test results can help you establish a good target.

For instance, you can target to have a 100-point improvement monthly from the total score of the first SAT practice test. Remember, you have to devote time to prepare if you intend to achieve your target.

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

It is good to figure out the areas you are right on and the areas you need to improve on. That is why you have to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you know the fields you should allocate more time. There are online SAT practice tests you can try to help you identify your weak areas.

The practice test is usually the SAT standard and can help you familiarize yourself with the actual SAT. On top of that, you get recommendations on the skills you need to work on.

Create a Study Plan

make a timetableBased on the recommendations from your first SAT practice test, come up with a study plan that considers your strengths, weaknesses, target score, and the amount of time you have. Make sure you strictly follow your study plan. Arrange to have some short study sessions each day until the day of the test.…

Reasons to Enroll Your Child to a Piano Class

Piano classes are suitable for kids because they teach them the necessary skills. Learning how to play musical instruments is not just for musicians. Research has shown that playing musical instruments has adverse effects on health, learning, and development.

Instead of your child playing video games all the time, it is advisable to take them away from the screen allowing them to interact with others by playing music. The piano is one of the musical instruments that ideal for your child. Piano Lessons For Kids help them in holistic learning. Here are some reasons why you should encourage your child to join a piano class:

Mental Development

children playing pianoIf you want your child to develop mentally, you need to enroll them for piano classes. Piano classes will help them with coordination, and this is good for the development of their mental health.

When playing the piano, your child has to coordinate the movement of their hands while at the same time reading notes. Playing piano gives your child the challenge to multitask, and this is good for mental development. Mental development is good for learning.

Learn About Staying Focused

Playing the piano involves a lot of concentration. It is essential to learn how to stay focused on enhanced learning. If your child has a problem with concentrating on a particular task, going for piano classes might help. Your child will learn how to concentrate on one task at a time. This will help them to be productive and gain more from different activities.

Boost Your Child’s Self Esteem

Boosting your self-esteem is essential for their daily life. Taking your child for piano lessons can help your child with their self-esteem. When your child learns how to play piano, they will have a sense of achievement.

They can be proud to say that they have a skill that none of their peers have. Learning how to play the piano is not an easy task, and when your child knows how to do it, it is always an advantage to them.

boy playing piano


Learning how to play piano requires a lot of discipline. If you want your children to be disciplined, enrolling them for a piano class might be just the right way to do it.

Children who play piano know that learning and success require some level of discipline. Your child will learn how to stay disciplined and committed to their tasks to achieve success in all areas of their study.…