Making Money while Traveling the World


Work-life balance has always been an issue when it comes to working. Everyone can relate that one or two vacations a year is not enough to make up for the stress that they have from work. But what if your job lets your travel around the world and is on holiday all year round? It will surely make you love the way you make a living. Continue reading to find out what are your options.

Travel and food blogger

Ever since this job has become a thing, it has become almost everyone’s dream profession to have. What could be better than getting paid to travel and go to new places for you to experience different things and write about it? Probably getting paid to taste the food and to have a culinary adventure. In 2017, social media is making it easier for you to get this job. In the past, you might have to work for a magazine, website, or TV to be able to do this, but nowadays all you need is online viewers for you to be self-employed and be an influencer. Many sponsorships and advertisement from the travel company, hotels, restaurants, and many other traveling related business would pay you to post a content that includes them in it.

Work for a virtual company

typingThe time is changing, and new jobs are always popping up. From writer, manager, IT person, marketing, HR, finance, and every position that you can think of in a regular company does exist in a virtual company. You can look for this type of job because it will allow you to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have your laptop, internet, and you get the job done. This way you can always travel and be on the road while working since all you need is to go where the Wi-Fi is which is everywhere these days.

Take freelance jobs and work on projects

If you have a specific talent or skills that you can make money off without having to work for a company, then you are the lucky one. For example, a graphic designer can take on freelance jobs whenever a business needs a new logo, poster design, or anything that involves drawing and photoshop. More businesses and companies especially small ones would rather pay per project rather than hiring someone because a full-time employee would cost a lot more.…